Otojiro's Journal Entry 5

Month of the ?, Day ?

Hour of Togashi
We were headed to Shiro Hebi after all went wrong. I don’t know what Yoritomo san did but we weren’t very stealthy in our investigations and Otomo sama should be angry at us. We think the thief could be at Shiro Hebi were a gaijin killed a samurai…that is what the rumors say. Maybe he is heading there to change the item’s with Chonitzu.

Month of the ?, Day ?+n

Hour of Hida
We have arrived to Shiro Hebi…I don’t know what to think of this place… Kubou san and his thing about helping lower status people wanted to help some gaijin. A strange Unicorn approached me he wanted to know why Kubou was talking to the gaijin…I said it was none of his business and he went away but was still lingering around. They were going to be killed on the next day and that appealed to the Mantis heart and mine. The daimyo is really serious and short tempered for a Dragon.


Otojiro's Journal Entry 5

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