Kitsune Diuroku's Journal Entry 1

It was a Rainy day as i was coming back from a sucesful Herb Gathering deep inside Kitsune Mori for a couple of special herbs my mother ask for me to gather. Meanwhile i was on my way back to the house to deliver the herbs my mind kept thinking exploring new areas in rokugan so i can continue my research and finish my journal i love kitsune mori and the habitants in it but i wish to explore new areas still thought. Once i reach home with the herbs. I find out about a old friend of my fathers doji sousumi has invited me to visit Kosaten Shiro and i was overjoiced because of the oportunity of visiting new areas in rokugan and visiting crane lands i heard about my mother Rumors of how beautiful they are,My father didnt thought much about them seeing them as not well defended weak territories prioritizing how it looks over defenses and he sees that as a weakness maybe that is his way of thinking of them because of been raised as crab militaristic.

But still is a chance for me to start exploring and continue on my research i start headidng to Kosaten Shiro it was a long trip on the way to kosaten i did some derailing on the way and explore some forests on the way and gather some good research on animals, plants and a couple of ruins. On the way i saw yoritomo kobuo the son of my fathers friend he and me met once as me my father and mother once passed threw his father Port city of Ekisu as his father ask my father a couple of times to design and improve the defenses of his port city ekisu. He looks like a decent and fair man i do see us getting along.

Along the way we met another son of a friend of my fathers asako otojiro he seems quiet dont know much about him looking forward in knowing him better, at the end saw this spider my father did told me stories of them tainted individuals who used to live in the shadowlands and his eyes seem unsetteling wonder if he is tainted, still he told me that he is the son of ganka a samurai that my father told me once that he traveled with him into the colonies and told me about his father of been a honest samurai it did had it flaws in someties taking the side and protecting the peasants but i find that honorable because i do think peasants should not be treated as tools they deserve better unfortunately other clans have other type of views on them thought ill do anything i can to help them so because of that i do respect him.

On the way it was like my mother said a very beautiful area and quiet a couple of interesting herbs i found along the way cant wait to test them out once we reach the castle it was a beautiful builded i did saw some flaws in it defensively guess what my father said was true they tend to overlook defenses capabilities over looks. We got in touch with our friend doji sousumi
he greet it us and took us around the city and then into the castle thought i did heard a couple of rumors around the city of Lion clan about to break the treaty and was getting ready to attack and the daimyo of this city is not taking those threats seriously and not even bothering in preparing his defenses just in case they decide to break their threaty wonder if my fathers point of view of the crane is really true.

Later we went to eat something and sleep it was a long trip to kosaten shiro the next day we got to meet a couple of interesting fellows i first met a strange tattoed monk tried to make conversation with him about nature and animals and ruins no much luck they way he answer in riddles seem odd and confusing anyways he was a interesting fellow then a very paranoid crab who did clarify my doubts on our traveling spider friend on the taint thought did found his concern about the peasants been in the condition they are know because of a maho quite a posiblitie dont know much a bout maho but that could always be a option of why they are like that so sudenly i just hope i can calm them down and help them and met with a unicorn quite the showman showing the spells he has known along his journey it was and interesting conversation .

The next day we did where able to talk to the daimyo of the castle he seem quite friendly individual thought a liitle naive in not taking the lion threat seriously guess he has his reasons and just thinks as them as rumors thought that is no excuse to not have your defenses ready. Still gonna have to wait for tomorrow to start investigating more into the case of the maho-tsukai gotta find that witch hunter and see why and because the peasants are acting as they are..

Kitsune Diuroku's Journal Entry 1

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