Yoritomo Toshiro

"If you ever need a example of how fortune favors the mortal man, look no farther than Yoritomo Toshiro" - Yoritomo Kobuo


Clan: Mantis
Profession: Bushi, Merchant, Minor Daimyo
Status: Semi-Retired
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’ 8"
Weight: 192 lbs
Age: 43
Accolades: Daimyo of the Port City of Ekisu
Wife: Kitsune Haruhi
Children: Yoritomo Kobuo and Yoritomo Iori


Starting his career as a normal bushi, Yoritomo Toshiro soon found that destiny had plans for him. Not long after graduating, he was invited to Crane Lands to help represent the Mantis Clan in a competition. There, he became part of an investigation that would end him up paired with a group of samurai to who he would travel for a long time and who would become close friends.

After the competition during an assortment of incredible events, Toshiro found himself along with the group of samurai who he had been part of in an investigation in a cave out in the middle of nowhere. During a search of the cave they found the fabled “Akodo Stick”, but were quickly attacked by a large shadow wolf who was guarding the artifact. However, thanks to Akodo Kira’s might and Toshiro’s Crysteel Sword, the creature was quickly dispatched. Kira took the stick and spoke his family name, thus removing Akodo from history and bringing fourth a terrible sequence of events that would require a lot of effort to undo.

The next several months, Toshiro and the other samurai would travel the empire with the guidance of an Elemental Master to undo the damage done to the world. Another set of Elemental dragons were being born and it was their duty to find and protect them so they would hatch and bring back balance. These travels would lead them to the Shadowlands, Mantis Islands, Pheonix and Crab Lands, and other exotic locations.

Many good samurai died in this mission and Toshiro endured more horrors and trials than many samurai face in one life time alone. Still, it was in part to these travels that he would meet a young Kitsune spirit sent by the Thunder Dragon to aid in their quest. The girl was nameless when they met in a cave after a storm shipwrecked the samurai in route to the Mantis Islands. Toshiro, seeing the girls rare red hair was somehow reminded of the warmth of spring and thus named her Haruhi.

The two would start out rocky at best, but after some life and death encounters the two quickly started to bond quickly. It helped that both had at one point saved each others lives. Toshiro protecting Haruhi after being surprised attacked by goblins and badly injured, he put himself at the brunt of the attack and even after being badly hurt himself, he worried more for her well being. Not short after, Haruhi would save Toshiro’s life after a devastating attack from the agent of the lying darkness who was secretly traveling along with them disguised as a mute monk. She ran across a battlefield were two dragons were fighting in the sky and the samurai fighting bravely to defeat the powerful foe. With a display of weird magics and techniques, she was able to heal Toshiro enough to pick up his sword and with the aid of Kira, killed the lying darkness agent.

After a long struggle however, the rag tag team of samurai would eventually complete their mission after a travel to Yume-Do and undoing the damage done by the “Akodo Stick”. But a samurai’s work is never done. Shortly after, Toshiro would find himself in a village called Moshimura, where a mahosukai had set up shop. The event would pit him up against many undead and eventually against the mahosukai who had used the villagers to create an undead force. His plans were brought to a swift end however and he vanished, leaving the samurai with a village in ruins and many tainted villagers. Kira wanted the village and everyone in it killed, but Toshiro thought the decision too brash. Kira would not heed and rushed off with the other samurai to kill the villagers. Haruhi being the only one by Toshiro’s side, they both set off to hide and protect as many villagers as they could, tainted or not.

Thankfully the villagers taint was recent and low enough that traditional methods to stave off the taint worked, but that wouldn’t changed the fact that now Toshiro was left in a ruined village with many dishearted villagers and many many corpses. Toshiro and Haruhi knew they alone could not help these people. Toshiro set off to Mantis lands in hope of getting support for the hundreds of villagers, Haruhi staying back to help the villagers. After an extraordinary course of events and surprising aid from a scorpion ally, Toshiro not only managed to bring aid to those peasants in the destroyed Moshimura, but found himself becoming leader of these people.

With the help of the Minor Clan Alliance, Mantis, Crane and Unicorn clans, Toshiro in less than a year was able to not only restore Moshimura back, but expanded the village into a prosperous one. Shortly there after, Toshiro was framed along with his group of samurai by a false Crab Bushi and jailed. Kira and other samurai who remained were able to clear everyones names, but not before Toshiro had been poisoned badly. Along with Isawa Miliko, both made their way to Kitsune lands where the news would probably not reach for some time and Toshiro could get medical help, but the cure kept hidden. Seeing that his death was close, he wanted to do the thing he’s been wanting to do for almost a year now. Under false reasons, he summoned Haruhi from the village to Kitsune Lands were Toshiro was, but Toshiro really just wanted to marry the woman who had been always at his side.

Toshiro brought the proposal to the Kitsune Clan and after a strangely brief amount of time agreed to the marriage. After a heart renching reunion and news of his condition, the two shared as much time as they could. Little before the wedding however, Toshiro received news that the poison he had suffered was not actually life threatening and was only ment to cause the victim pain and suffering. He was quickly put through the healing required and shortly there after married Haruhi.

During the way however, not everything went so perfect. Toshiro lost many friends, the closest losses were the death of Horiuchi-San and Isawa Miliko. Miliko-San’s death was one that vibrated through out the samurai. It was at this moment that Toshiro realized that only Kira-San and he remained from the original group of young samurai. The deaths of these samurai at least had something in common and it was that they died valiantly in combat. If it wasn’t for her death, the group would have surely died. All there memories will forever live on inside his mind.

The years would pass and Toshiro quickly gained recognition in the world of the daimyo as his little village soon became a large economic power in his region, beaten only by the Port City Ekisu. This would not last as with the start of the Destroyer War, would soon change this. During the war, Ekisu was devastated by the Destroyers. Moshimura was spared thanks to being located in the mountains and the few destroyers that did come by were quickly dispatched by the villages tenaciousness defenders.

After the war the Minor Clan Alliance would leave the reconstruction of Ekisu up to Toshiro who had proven his worth as a daimyo with their other settlement. Soon Ekisu would rise from the ashes and like it’s neighbor before it, it would grow and prosper under Toshiro’s rule. Soon Ekisu and Moshimura would become one, into a large and prosperous city.

Toshiro would arrive in time to help Haruhi who had become pregnant with twins during her late pregnancy. Short while after, he soon found himself a father. The heavens had smiled upon Toshiro, but there was one last twist they wanted to throw at the aging samurai. During his childrens first birthday, he had found his family had vanished. Toshiro with his heart racing and the thought of his family never fading from his mind, moved heaven and earth to find them, soon finding himself in Chikishudo. After a search that would lead him to a large tree, he would find the home of Lady Kitsune and learn that Haruhi was her daughter and that his mother-in-law was Lady Kitsune herself. They were all safe and having a good time, the animal spirits celebrating the twins birthday. Toshiro understandably for the rest of the festivities was in a bit of a state of shock. The twins would receive their awakening as spirits, by Lady Kitsune and shortly there after, the family was back in their home, safe and sound.

Toshiro would spend the rest of his time, taking care of his family and province. With a few adventurers here and there, after a mission in the Second City, he had grown tired and decided to leave the traveling to his courtiers and magistrates. He still remains the official daimyo of Ekisu even being well beyond the age of retirement. He has prepared his children to take up where he will soon leave off. Kobuo and Iori have already taken much of the responsibilities of the province. Toshiro is merely does the paperwork, gives the final decision and is the figure of his people.

In the square of the former Moshimura, a statue of the man who built this city lays, with his fabled crysteel sword in one hand, and a Kama in the other. A man who’s life will shine brightly in the addles of history and who will be looked upon as not only a source of inspiration, but as a testament to what one can do if you put your heart and soul into whatever goal you desire.

Yoritomo Toshiro

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