Yoritomo Kobuo

An aspiring idealistic samurai with the dream to prove to himself and others that he can become a greater man than his father and further lead his people into peace and prosperity.


Yoritomo Kubuo
Mantis Clan
Toku Bushi School
Honor: 4.5
Glory: 2.1
Status: 1.4 (Scorpion Magistrate)
Insight: 207

Earth: 3
Water: 3
Air: 3
Fire: 3
Void: 3


  • Athletics: 2
  • Courtier: 3
  • Defence: 2
  • Hunting: 2
  • Investigation: 2 (Search)
  • Kenjutsu: 7
    Acting: 1
    Animal Handling: 2
    Battle: 1
    Commerce: 2
    Etiquette: 3
    Horsemanship: 1
    Knives: 1
    Kyujutsu: 2
    Lore: Heraldry: 1
    Lore: Nature: 1
    Lore: Shugenja: 1
    Lore: Spirit Realms: 1
    Lore: Theology: 1
    Mediation: 1
    Medicine: 1
    Sailing: 2
    Stealth: 2
    Temptation: 1

Blood of Osano-Wo
Child of Chikuchudo
Strength of the Earth
Friend of the Elements: Earth
Languages: Ivindi

Touch of the Void
Compulsion to Mischief

Clan: Mantis
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 178 lbs
Age: 24
Profession: Bushi and aspiring Daimyo
Mother: Kitsune Haruhi
Father: Yoritomo Toshiro
Siblings: Yoritomo Iori
Other: Half-Spirit

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Character Journal

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Born the son of a Yoritomo daimyo, a kitsune fox spirit and trained by the Toku, Yoritomo Kobuo is anything but normal. Along with his twin sister, Yoritomo Iori, they are half-breeds with both the blood of Lady Kitsune from their mother, Haruhi and the blood of Osano-Wo from their father, Toshiro. Kobuo since birth has not been able to fully control his special powers unlike his sister. He cannot shape shift easily, requiring meditation and even at that it’s not fully reliable. However, Iori is vastly different, at an early age she was discovered to be able to talk to the kami. On top of that later it was discovered she was able to commune with the void. Iori is an especially rare gem and her parents couldn’t be more proud. Kobuo, of course was very proud as well, but he doesn’t have so much natural talent like his sister, apart from the ability to shape shift Kobuo didn’t show any other remarkable ability compared to his sibling early on. This discrepancy in ability hasn’t cause a visible tear between the siblings, but Kobuo does feel a pressure to prove himself a capable individual beside his sister. This has been a mayor motivating factor in Kobuo’s training.

As a young kid, Kobuo loved to play around the province of his father with his sister, quickly learning it like the back of their hands despite its large size. They would also often be seen in the forest close to their home for hours with no one there to protect them, however they never did get harmed inside of it. Both children were naturally, fond of nature and would find any excuse to be able to go into the forest to play or just relax. Inside the forest there is a shrine dedicated to the forest animals and spirits. The children would often visit it with their mother and offer tribute. Thanks in large part from their mother, they became very respectful to the fortunes, kami and other spirits. It became almost second nature to them to at least visit one temple in a new area and offer prayer.

The twins had many similarities in personality, but one of the most glaring differences between the two was Kobuo’s mischievousness. He would run into the merchant district in his parents province and ‘borrow’ an apple or two when the merchant wasn’t looking (walking back home to get a snack or using his status was just too boring), switch the signs on the carts and in some cases when his shape shifting worked he found taking on a different appearance (usually of an adult) and playing on the heart strings and or weaknesses of some vendors very entertaining. For some reason the thrill of doing ‘wrong’ was alluring to him no matter how much he was told it was wrong. Of course, he wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize anyone he was thought better than that; just something he could call a harmless prank. Almost all the items he stole he would return eventually when the vendor was unaware. Sometimes like in case of most food, he’d just take it as “tax collecting”. For some time there were rumors that the merchant district was haunted until the magistrates discovered who the trouble maker was and Kobuo got a veeery long scolding. From these escapades he would learn many of skills in the art of stealth, deceit and acting, something that his parents and teachers would never think of teaching him. Even into adulthood the itch to pull a prank is still there and it does help him relax somewhat from the pressure of life.

When it came to transformation Kobuo had a very hard time with it. He wasn’t the first of the half fox sprit humans to be afflicted with this problem, but generally he was told there was very little to be able to completely control it. What he did know was that strong or unchecked emotions would activate this ability. Most if not all of the time this was completely unintentional from Kobuo, just realizing the transformation when it was half way done and not being able to stop it. Many of time the young boy would have to run to a dark alley and have to regain his composure to revert the transformation. A secret between Iori and Kobuo is that during their early teenage years one time, Kobuo walking along the streets found a woman he considered very attractive and moments later Iori would find she was standing next to the same woman Kobuo was looking at in his brother’s clothes. Not all the time was the transformation full; sometimes he would just gain random characteristics. Still it was a very vexing problem for him despite all his efforts to control it. As of late the involuntary transformations have calm down. Meditation, training and his every growing knowledge about his powers has helped, but they do still happen.

Another aspect of his youth was that along with his sister they would get visited by an ancestor called Yoritomo Touma. A very strange man with a love for the drink that had a life that seems to be nothing too out of the ordinary. His goals for the children are not clear and his behavior is sometimes contradictory. He is no fool though for someone who’s considered to have had a normal life, he seems to let on more than he knows. A man with a brilliant mind that seems to be hiding something. Why he tries to hide this is uncertain. Despite this Touma is generally a very likable man and the twins have benefited from his advice countless times, but at the same time Touma’s erratic mood has costed them too, making them more than wonder if the man can really get drunk in the afterlife.

Eventually Kobuo would come of age to start his samurai training. In order to keep the strong relations with the minor clans his father had worked hard to obtain, Kobuo was enrolled into the Toku Bushi school as a sign of good will and to further his father’s plans for a strong Mantis-Minor Clan relationship. A school that had just a couple of years opened a dojo in the province. The decision was not surprisingly a bit controversial within the Mantis for some, but this behavior was nothing that unbelievable from the daimyo who ruled in a strange, but undeniable efficient manner.

Kobuo would soon find that his control over his shape shifting would cause him trouble yet again. When the training got very heated and tensions flared Kobuo would slowly change without noticing. During combat his nails would slightly grow out and become sharp, his fangs would grow out, his eyes would change or even his posture would sometimes change. Most of the time the sensei had to point out the change and Kobuo would have to step out to revert the transformation. It wasn’t a secret Kobuo was a half-breed, but this odd occurrence more than worried some teachers in the dojo who thought that those not familiar with the boy would think wrongly of the boy and in the worst of cases think he is a monster. On top of that, an even rarer event would happen in the thick of battle, where Kobuo would just suddenly become dazed. This happened whenever he tried to gain momentum in the battle. He would be about to deliver a key strike and he would suddenly be overwhelmed by a strange dizziness and be open to counter attacks. On the other hand, he would sometimes accomplish amazing feats like landing a strike on a student that by no means should happened. This was rare enough that it was just thought of something to do with his shape shifting problem. Little did they know it was related with the boys’ untapped hidden potential.

Kobuo’s training didn’t just bring out his weaknesses but also demonstrated his strengths. The most apparent being his incredible endurance and vitality. During long training sessions, he could keep up with his sensei easily while other students would lag behind. It was hard for him to lose his breath and always felt ready to continue. He also demonstrated the ability to withstand pain and fight through it even before the lessons of endurance started. Even with cuts to his arm or bruises on his shoulder he still managed to wield the katana as if he hadn’t suffered any damage. This proved invaluable in his training as the Toku already practiced fighting through pain making him clearly master that aspect of training easily.

The training with the Toku was challenging, but training didn’t just stop at the dojo. Kobuo also had to learn to manage province affairs along with his sister. When the situation allowed, Toshiro would take the twins along for trips of business teaching them firsthand how to live in the world of the daimyo. Both would spend hours reading through scrolls with subjects related to running businesses and inter-clan relations. Most of the trips took them to the lands of his allies and business partners such as the Crane, Unicorn and Minor clan lands. Toshiro never took them to the Scorpion Clan lands fearing for the young children’s safety, but made sure to teach them about the clan as they were still considered allies. Kobuo showed a natural ability to commute with people and befriend them. Like his father, they were both very ‘casual’ in their negotiations and were sure to keep others in their good side.

At the age of 13 Kobuo graduated from his genpukku. He had become a full-fledged Samurai; a year after Iori had graduated from the Kitsune Shugenja School. The celebrations got even better when they got the rare chance to visit their grandmother in her realm and meet their relatives. Up until this point they were the ones getting visited, but this time they were able to visit her. The fact that they were grandkids of Lady Kitsune was a secret that was only shared within the family and very close friends. Information like that could be used by the families political enemies or worse yet, enemies of the Lady herself. During this time he received a necklace from her. He was told: “As long as you wear this, no great harm shall ever befall you”. Today, Kobuo wears this necklace all the time, rarely taking it off.

A year after his graduation Kobuo would discover an ability which would let him understand animals. It’s not sure how this ability came to be, wether it was because of training, age or another reason, but he suddenly started to understand the voice of animals and what they ment. He cannot communicate back to them apart from signs he can perform from his animal handling training. Kobuo doesn’t make much light about this ability on the outside, but inside he feels that perhaps he isn’t as behind in ability from Iori than he thought. This ability can get annoying when he’s around animals and trying to talk to other humans while the animals themselves are having conversations with each other.

The following years Kobuo and Iori kept up their training, most of the time they were practicing up to take their parents roles as province leaders. With the general peace of these years there wasn’t much action that wasn’t just related to courts or business. Both of them felt an urge to prove themselves that they could become more than just the children of a daimyo, rather like heroes and live up and exceed the last generation. Their chance would soon come though.

Yoritomo Kobuo

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