Yoritomo Iori


Clan: Mantis
Hair: Red
Eyes: Light Green
Height: 5’ 6"
Weight: 139 lbs
Age: 24
Profession: Shugenja and aspiring Daimyo
Mother: Kitsune Haruhi
Father: Yoritomo Toshiro
Siblings: Yoritomo Kobuo
Other: Half-Spirit


Iori is the twin sister of Yoritomo Kobuo and the daugther of Yoritomo Toshiro and Kitsune Haruhi. Born a half-spirit, Iori since birth has been something special. At a young age she was able to commune with the Kami and later on even the void. It was easy to see that Iori was shaping up to be a real prodigy of a Shugenja. Despite her natural affinity for magic, Iori never did flaunt this ability to others. She was and still is very humble when talking about her ability as a Shugenja.

As a child, Iori was more closed off that her out going brother. Kobuo as a half-spirit couldn’t control his powers as easily as she could, something that happens sometimes to other half-spirits. In Iori’s case she had control, but her appearance was somewhat unsettling. Iori’s canine teeth were a tad longer than usual, her ears seemed somewhat more pointed, her eyes are an unusual color and she share’s the same super rare natural red hair of her mother. To those not knowing Iori is worlds different that her more ‘normal’ looking twin brother. Because of this Iori is sensitive about her appearance. Her mother has made her appreciate her hair and eyes, but she still feels her ears and teeth are horrifying. She always makes sure to always cover her ears enough to make them look normal enough and she usually wears a lower face silk cloth to cover her mouth. When having to uncover her features, Iori will resort to using her shape shifting power to make her look more normal. Despite Iori’s affinity of her spirit-fox side, she cannot keep her powers active forever or worse, risk having to rely on them and they have been expended keeping a small lie. Only the closest of Iori’s friends and family know of the features she tries so hard to hide.

Iori spent much of her time during her youth studying many tomes and practicing to understand and master her powers. She never was one to socialize a lot outside her comfort circle and found studying relaxing. Kobuo would eventually be the one to help Iori out of her shell (somewhat). He would break into wherever Iori would seal herself and either trick her to come out or sometimes just force her out. As an effort to make her more comfortable they would attend festivals in different forms in an effort from Kobuo to help Iori get rid of her shyness, most of the time it took a large effort from his side to convince her. Iori was very unsure of her physical side, but also that people wouldn’t like her personality. Being the daughter of the daimyo, people would treat her different and she wasn’t sure if the real her would be likable. It was at this time during her anti-shyness training that Iori would first make her first pair of friends while traveling back up to Moshimura on the Path of Heroes. With friends who she knew liked her because of her personality and not because of her status and the continued efforts of Kobuo, Iori would come into her own. She is still somewhat closed off, but once she feels comfortable around the people she’s around, she will open up to reveal a very likable and humble girl.

At the age of 9, with super vision from her mother and other Shugenja, Iori started her Shugenja training at the recently built Kitsune school built in the city where she was born. The youngest at the then small group of students, Iori quickly grasped the basics in magic and her natural affinity towards Earth. She was held in high regard by her peers and teachers, though she disliked the attention. Iori graduated the school with top honors and only 3 years later. Again, being the youngest of her class. She complimented her training by also helping maintain and tend to a shrine in the forest next to where she lived.

In her personal life, Iori is very fond of nature, loves the arts and especially singing. She has even been developing spells which use singing as a medium, but not much has been known of it’s progress due to Iori being too shy to talk about it. Some people have been lucky enough to hear her voice while in the forest usually people who stray from the path to the forest shrine. This has resulted in some people making up the character of the Forest Maiden. A beautiful woman who’s voice is able to calm any soul and bring good luck to those fortunate to hear it. If Iori is asked about this she will quickly deny any attempt to connect the Forest Maiden to herself.

Yoritomo Iori

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