Tsuruchi Shunketsu

Tsuruchi Shunketsu, the Willowstride. Lost brother of Daigotsu Agra


Tsuruchi Shunketsu
Mantis Clan
Tsuruchi Archer School
Insight: 161
Honor: 3.5
Glory: 1
Status: 1

Earth: 3
Water: 3
Air: 2

  • Reflexes: 5
    Fire: 2
  • Agility: 3
    Void: 2


  • Athletics: 3 (Balance, Climbing, Running)
  • Courtier: 3
  • Defence: 3
  • Etiquette: 3
  • Hunting: 3 (Tracking, Survival)
  • Kyujutsu: 6 (Yumi)
    Blacksmithing: Cable and rope like items: 2
    Crafting: Bower: 2
    Horsemanship: 1
    Intimidation: 1
    Investigation: 3 (Notice)
    Jiujutsu: 3 (Improvised Weapons)
    Knives: 3
    Sleight of Hand: 3 (Escape Artist)
    Stealth: 3 (Shadowing, Sneak)

Great Potential: Kyujutsu
Luck 1
Touched by Yomi

Dark Secret
Disturbing Countenance
Driven to be a master bowman
Fascination Bowyer
Fascination Horses

Clan: Mantis
Hair: Crimson near-black Blue.
Eyes: Bright Yellow Iris My mother maho tsukai my father berserker gave me these eyes.
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 172 lbs
Age: 15
Profession: Tsuruchi Archer
Mother: Maho-tsukai Arabasta
Father: Berserker Daigotsu Ganka (Deceased & reincarnated in Agra)
Siblings: brother Daigotsu Agra
Other: His eyes light up like fiery lanterns when his emotions run high. Trate shared by his brother Agra.


  • A katana may cut through an apple tree, but an arrow will strike the “apple” before it hits the ground.
  • Not all paths are found on the forest floor.
  • There is nothing that can’t be felled by a single arrow.
  • One does not simply aim, one sees the target.

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  • An arrow is expendable, the bow is not.
  • I so a bushi walk with much gall
    Did not like his face at all.
    And so the bushi had no time
    To wonder wether he liked mine
  • My arrows will ever find you.
  • I have a reputation for attacking withought warning.
    Because the first arrow “is” the warning
  • My arrows are aimed not at the farmer, but at those who dare dream of such a trophy.
  • I do not miss, I simply deceive the real target!
  • “I will never again carry the samurai’s weapon. For I am of Tsuruchi, the bow is the way”.
  • “Honesty, Loyalty, Mercy, Justice, Brotherhood and Judgement. These are what I believe in”. (Code of Tsuruchi)
  • “In an age where freedom and honor have been replaced by politics, I shall find them every moment an arrow leaves my bow”.
  • “Tell me and I will forget”
    “Show me and I will remember”
    “Involve me and I will understand”.
  • “I am not the best, but I will do my best!”

Berserker eyes of agra


Hated Enemies

  • The Crane Clan (Extreme Hatred)
  • The Lion Clan (Extreme Hatred)
  • Those who seek to take the life of an innocent.(Extreme Hatred)
  • Any who seek to torture or kill beasts and refuse to consume the flesh/poaching.
  • Those who replace personal convictions, with duty and politics.


  • Improve and surpass the Tsuruchi Archer style, and make his own school called “Yajirushi no za Shunketsu”; meaning “Arrow of the Hero”.
  • Find his fraternal twin brother Agra
  • Craft an indestructible bow, greater than any other seen in Rokugan history.
  • Become a minor Kami, “Kami of the Archer”.
  • Help his Nezumi friend Kek, complete his life mission of uniting his people.

Love Interest

Any woman with red hair and a beautiful face, will catch his interest.


Oddly abandoned by his Maho-Tsukai mother Arabasta, he was found by a retired Tsuruchi Archer,now a traveling monk. There in the riverbanks at the entrance of swamp Valkas within the Ivory Kingdom, the monk brought back the child from the brink of death.

By strange words and monk magic, the child opened his eyes in a blue fiery splendor. The old man smiled at the child, the child smiled back. Almost as if they were fated to meet, they bonded with ease. And with inmense love and curiosity, the old retired Tsuruchi brought the child to Mantis lands.

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Deep within the hidden Tsuruchi training grounds, the child grew around the best in Rokugan. Once inside that forest, Shunketsu felt the call of the wild. He even befriended a young Nezumi named Kek who was oddly living in a small hut-like burrow deep in the forest.

Kek is one of the few descendants of The Chipped Tooth Tribe, the nezumi that remained in Rokugan after the Battle of Tomorrow that nearly ended the nezumi race. He survived the new world by befriending the decendants of Br’nn the Scavanger who had outlived the war. The Chipped Tooth Tribe were the mariners of the Nezumi, having learned their ways from the Yasuki family. They maintained a close alliance with both the Yasuki and the Mantis Clan.

When in 1169 the Chief of Chiefs Kan’ok’ticheck called the entire nezumi race to face Tomorrow, the Chipped Tooth did not answer the call. During the Battle of Tomorrow in Yume-do the nezumi faced and defeated Tomorrow but their link with the Mortal Realm was severed and did not return. Unfortunately, less than fifty nezumi remained at Rokugan.

Wanting new adventures, the “Chipped Tooth Tribe” were viewed as reckless by other Nezumi. The Chipped Tooth had very small land territory, in the Yasuki lands, but would spend most of their time in the open sea, which they considered their true domain. Since they began to sail with the Mantis the Chipped Tooth established several burrows in the Islands of Spice and Silk. Kek was born after the Destroyer Wars, but was somehow accidentaly abandoned near the Tsuruchi-controlled forests.

Orphaned,Kek was found by an old Br’nn descendant named Rum.The old ratling took pity on him and took it upon himself to teach him to fight and survive. Soon after, the old ratling died, leaving behind the young Kek with some last words: “Our kind fought bravely once, please strive to do so again young one…”
Kek would now intend to unite what was left of “The One Tribe” and the repopulate his people under a single banner.

During his training with the old ratling Rum, Kek made an odd friend named Shunketsu. They related to one another quickly, seeing as both were orphaned. Kek and the young Tsuruchi archer had similar goals in life. One wanted to unite his people, and the other wanted to “find” his. And so they bonded over the years, and when Rum died, Shunketsu promised Kek, that he would help in his quest when ever he could. Having Shunketsu vouch for him, Kek was allowed to live among the Tsuruchi, under the promise that Kek prove himself, and become the first Nezumi Tsuruchi Bountyhunter in service to the Mantis.
Little did Shunketsu know, he and Kek would have to depart to far away lands in the future.
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Shunketsu had just finished most of his training as an Tsuruchi Archer, when news arrived of a dangerous Maho-Tsukai lurking around Mantis lands. He and several other recent graduates had been selected to investigate the matter. It was a seek and destroy mission.
Deep in the woods, far from the farthest Mantis outpost in the middle of Mantis lands the new group of Tsuruchi trekked. At a steady pace they made their way to the spot the Maho-Tsukai was said to have been seen.

All the sudden, a branch breaks beneath a fellow Tsuruchi, and a figure too fast to make out, rushes by the one who broke the wood. Slicing him in half, the dangerous beauty appears before the group of young archers and casts an illusion for all others exept Shunketsu. She spoke in tungs the boys never heard of, and the only one who seemed to understand her Oni-speak was Shunketsu. As the group cowered in fear at the sight of her, a speech would be heard by his ears only.


Arabasta "My son, I’ve been looking for you. I thought your birth would bring a dark fate to your twin brother Agra. I am ever so agonizingly sorry for accepting your death so easely when you were born. To see you so still and gray in my hands, I was overcomed with rage, that a son of mine would be born dead; that the thought of trying to save you never even crossed my mind.

“Forgive me my son, and know that I will watch over both you and Agra, for as long as I am able. Love is not a sin my boy, find your brother and let him know your flame still burns in the world of the living. That the same light that shines in his eyes is your light. That blood and friendship is stronger than Empire or Honor!”
“I must go now, but know that you are not alone…”

And so Tsuruchi Shunketsu, calmed down his fellow archers from the terror state they were in, and dragged back the body of a woman back to Tsuruchi base camp.
The body left by his mother, was the body of a random ronin,whom she dressed in blood ritual clothing in order for her son to complete his quest.

After the “victory”, the old monk came back, and dubbed a new name to be added to Shunketsu’s.
Monk "In honor of your haste, prowess and cunning skill during your first mission; I dub you Tsuruchi Shunketsu, the Willowstride.

Shunketsu would then venture out into the world to complete missions for his clan. And right there with him would be the unique, “Kek”. For Shunketsu’s new appointed mission was to seek out enemies of the Empire accompanied by the newly made Tsuruchi Bountyhunter Kek.



Tsuruchi Shunketsu

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