Kitsuki Kyuzo

Like most any Kitsuki, Kyuzo's mind is ever transfixed in details and logic, the building blocks by which he applies the methods of investigation in his quest to understand the world around him in a better light.


Kitsuki Kyuzu
Dragon Clan
Kitsuki Investigator School
Insight: 168
Honor: 5.5
Glory: 1.2
Status: 1

Earth: 2
Water: 2

  • Perception: 4
    Air: 3
    Fire: 3
  • Intelligence: 4
    Void: 3


  • Courtier: 3
  • Etiquette: 5 (Courtesy, Conversation)
  • Investigation: 3 (Interrogation, Search, Notice)
  • Kenjutsu: 3
  • Lore: Law: 2
  • Meditation: 1
  • Sincerity: 3
    Defence: 1
    Horsemanship: 1
    Iaijutsu: 3
    Lore: History: 1
    Lore: Human Anatomy: 1
    Medicine: 2
    Tea Ceremony: 1

Absolute Direction
Clear Thinker
Precise Memory
Read Lips

Can’t lie
Soft Hearted
Clan: Dragon
Hair: brown, but bald
Eyes: dark brown
Height: 5’ 2"
Weight:140 lbs
Age: 20
Profession: Investigator
Mother: Kituski Nagane
Father: Kitsuki Hotaro
Siblings: none

Character Journal

Read Kyuzo’s Journal

Kitsuki Kyuzo was born on a quiet, full-moon night to wealthy

parents in the Kitsuki family of the Dragon Clan. From the
youngest age, he showed great curiosity of the world around
him, he felt an inner desire to learn and he wasnt afraid to take
chances in the interest of knowing something, anything,
that took his interest. This trait however, got him in trouble
often, though he was always quick to apologize and
take responsibility for his errors.

Despite being born into wealth, he learned early on about

hard work and dedication to achieve his goals, and this set
him down the path of the Kitsuki. Given his mental abilities,
natural inclination to perception and overall desire to know,
it was no surprise then when he took to the scholarly path with
great enthusiasm, studying Kitsuki’s method and the art
of the magistrate. His mentors found him a brilliant, if
sometimes detached, student and he spent days lost in
study…although this lifestyle was kind of lonely, it didnt bother
him much, it just meant more time to focus on looking at
details and the applications of logic and memory.In time,
he grew up to be a respectable and honest man.

When of age, he passed his Gempukku with flying colors,

and set about his new life as a Kitsuki Investigator, he spent
some time in and around his hometown, where he served in
the courts and where his investigative prowess needed him.
Though in these times is where dark shadows began to perch
upon his shoulders.

Writer’s block…ill finish this later

Kitsuki Kyuzo

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