Kosaten Shiro

Kosaten Shiro
Also Known as Crossroads Castle, this Crane Clan fortification was created as a defensive outpost against attacks from the Lion Clan.

Unused Defenses

The years of peace between Lion and Crane has given the Lord Daidoji Sokazaka the freedom to indulge his artistic taste without worrying too much about his clan’s military forces.

Border Clashes

There were many rumors of border clashes with the Lion troops in the neighboring province, which caused Sokazaka to sharply increase taxes in order to repair the unused defenses of the castle, as well increase the amount of Ashigaru recruitment, causing the villagers to worry about their next harvest.

Maho Ritual

The Kuni Witch Hunter, Kuni Aya was convinced that the villagers were performing a monthly Maho ritual, which was in turn the reason for the peasant unrest (a maho-fueled rebellion).

Kosaten Shiro

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