Kitsune Diuroku


Clan: Mantis
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5’7
Weight: 120
Age: 14
Profession: Shugenja
Father: Kaiu Makoto
Mother: Kitsune Kachiko
Siblings: None

Character Journal

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Kitsune Diuroku he is the son of kaiu Makoto a well known Engineer and Maker of weapons and armors from the crab clan that lives in the city of Water Hammer of the dragon clan dedicated and all the people that leave in it have a pasion in crafting and improving there abilities constantly. His father taught Diuroku the ways of the forge how to prepare and make weapons and armors Kitsune Diuroku did not had the passion to follow the path of making weapons and armors as his father had but he did respected his Abilities as he is a great maker of them and always was thankful for his teachings.

Kitsune Kachiko is his mother a well know shugenja from the great forest of Kitsune Mori she loved to explore kitsune mori for kitsune spirits and with the thrill of hunting for a new type of animal to study and to find new medicinal herbs and helping and curing animals and people in need. when kitsune Diuroku became strong enought to be able to acompany her she took him on a exploration of new medicinal herbs and hunt and study of new animals. From that moment on Kitsune Diuroku kept going inside of kitsune mori exploring constantly till he was old enought and able to explore rokugan. His dream is exploring and making a full journal in where , the diferences, and how animals act , The ruins in rokugan and what secret they have and what and where are new medicinal plants to help cure rokuganis and animals for more potent cures.

Kitsune Diuroku

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