Daigotsu Ganka

The Eternal Reincarnating Berserker Soul


Clan: Spider; formerly Crab
Profession: Bushi
Status: Deceased
Other:: Tainted Berserker
Height: 7 feet tall.
Weight: 240lbs
EyeColor: Crimson Red
Hair: Long Black as Night down to his mid-back.
Fascination: Horses
Wife: Maho-tsukai Arabasta
Son: Obsidian Warrior Daigotsu Agra ,and a thought to be deceased twin brother Tsuruchi Shunketsu.


What it means to be a warrior, an inmovable object that strikes with the strength of an unstoppable force. This is but a taste of what makes Ganka, the Berseker, worthy of remembrance.
Mitsurugi banner
He was born a warrior, not just a member of a “clan”; a simple man with the strength and clarity to see what is wrong in life beyond what Rokugan-rule, religion and moral pathways showed him.

To protect the common man, and with a carefree attitude relate to any and all that welcomed him.
The fight in him would only be quenched by the justice he wanted to exact in the world. Brashly shuving away with normal behavior of any samurai, he rushed forward into countless battles.

To the few he called friend, he protected to within an inch of his life every single fight, with all his might. A Mantis and later on a Phoenix, now the fathers and mothers of a new generation brought forth to meet with Ganka’s future reincarnated self Agra, were his only true friends back then.

On his journeys he traveled with several companions that tested the resolve of his personal beliefs. That the common man was not to be defended or cared for, instead, ridiculed and sentenced to death through hunger or sword.
Ganka had a monk’s ideals, with the strength and conviction of a truly “noble” bushi. Which led him to many arguments and comicaly akward fights with his comrades at almost every turn during his life.

His beliefs got him in a large ammount of trouble with the law. Making him lose “percieved” honor in the mind of those who got to meet him. A loss of honor he never admitted to himself, which kept him pure of heart in his intentions to help those whom he deemed noble.

In his eyes to be “noble” meant not to be better than others, but simply to be better than your previous self. Something the prideful brash Lion, and snob Crane who also traveled with him, could never see.

Ganka fought the horrors of the shadow-land Oni, and obliterated “Destroyer Generals” in the Destroyer Wars. Foe after foe could not bring him down. Fully understanding his position self chosen in his life, he charged on with the hopes and dreams of the common people, and the friendship earned by his comrade the Mantis Bushi and Phoenix Shugenja in his heart.

By the end of the Destroyer War, Ganka was branded with taint, and forced to leave for the Ivory Kingdom. Where he would survive to be come a Colonial Conqueror as a new member of the recently made Great Clan, the Spider.
Not long after his arrival, he fell in love with a rare crimson flower called Arabasta. In a beautiful swamp within the colonies they fell for each other. The powerful Maho-tsukai Arabasta and Ganka, there in the deep darkness of Valkas swamps, produced a child of bright yellow eyes called Agra and a stillborn twin named Shunketsu.

Not long after the children were born, Ganka was called to the last quest and testament to his devotion to protect he would ever face. The final courage spent, ending to his first tale, and the deed that would earn him the right to an eternal-warrior reincarnation.

Old friends and comrades join together for one last fight. Against an ancient supposed immortal race of tiger humanoid, one of the strongest Rakshasa. Imprisoned in a crystal beneath the deep colonial jungles it lay.

Only the Mantis,the Phoenix and a newly added Crab were brave enough to join Ganka towards the final fate of this noble unique Spider berserker. And withought hesitation they hurried ahead of Ganka to the clearing where the creatures crystal jail was located.
Ganka, delayed with an elephant destroyer, made haste and finally arrived to aid his friends.

A choice had to be made, to either sacrifice the world and the lives of everyone, or break the damned prison, facing the creatures wrath. With small hesitation the berserker threw his hammer at the jail and released hell!

Ganka…with a quick inteligent recollection, remembered lore…and with a courage-filled heart made a fateful choice of sacrifice. To end his life, in one final show of true heroism and his personal meaning of nobilty with honor. The berserker would not be forgotten…

Black fur, evil yellow fiery eyes, obsidian clawed, thunder-jagged teeth, giant of a Rakshasa feline humanoid, immortal being RUSHED TOWARDS Ganka!
Crimson spilled in flashing moments, as the Spider berserker stood his ground. With not a moment to waste, turned his Mantis friend and roared at him to flee with the others. Not in shame or disshonor, but with the promise of remembrance and the duty of survival. To live with some semblance of what this noble warrior tried to impart onto others.
Ganka – “RUN old friend, tell your son, and my son…LIVE FREE, SEEK YOUR OWN DAY OF THUNDERLIKE THE SEVEN, I DIE THIS DAY!”
Ganka legendary berserker. ideals of a monk and the will of a kami
Ganka vs immortal demon final moments of his life.

Daigotsu Ganka

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