Daigotsu Agra

Soul of Daigotsu Ganka


Clan: Spider
Hair: Strong, down to his waist, silky, Crimson-Red, almost black.
Eyes: Bright Yellow Iris
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 170 lbs
Age: 15
Profession: Obsidian Warrior
Mother: Maho-tsukai Arabasta
Father: Berserker Daigotsu Ganka (Deceased & reincarnated in Agra)
Siblings: Thought to be deceased, fraternal twin, Tsuruchi Shunketsu.
Other: His eyes light up like burning lanterns, with a yellow bright light when he fights or his emotions run high. Trate shared by his lost twin brother Shunketsu.



  • I do not study the divine to imitate what they do…
    I study the divine to imitate what they are
  • Nobility lies not in being superior than your fellow man,
    but in being superior than your previous self
  • The karmic wheel, must not be disturbed.
  • Any man can change his destiny.
  • Why rule the body, when you can rule the mind that wields it.
  • The greatest gift a student can bestow upon a master, is to surpass him in every way. For in the end, there can be, only one.
  • Strength inspires strength.
  • When you settle for less than you deserve, you end up with even less than what you settled for.
  • “Removing all doubt, that is strength”
  • “I would see this world burn, if I could be king of the ashes”.

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Character Journal

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Life Motto

Inherited will. The destiny of the age and the dreams of it’s people. These will not be stopped.
As long as man continues to pursue the meaning of freedom, THEY WILL NEVER CEASE TO BE!
Berserker eyes of agra


  • The Crane Clan (Extreme hatred)
  • The Lion Clan (Extreme hatred)
  • The Crab Clan (Medium hatred, because of his father’s origin.)
  • Anyone who disrespects or judges him. (Extreme hatred)


  • One day find his thought-to-be deceased brother, Shunketsu.
  • Find out why his father died, what exacly happened that day, and avenge him.
  • To become the strongest swordsman, above all others, through ages to come.
  • Special goal: Create a exclusive dojo with his own personalized style version of Obsidian Warrior, technique. Naming the dojo/style “Ittouryuu Iai Roudan”, meaning:
    “Ittouryuu – One sword style”
    “Iai – Draw the sword, attack, and then sheath the weapon, all in one motion.”
    “Roudan – Dragon cut.”
    “The Spirit of Survival, this and my clan’s mission, are as one, within me.”

Agra equals survival
~ “The first strike, is the only strike. One Sword, one strike.” ~

  • Spelcraft is just as important for a warrior, as it is for Shugenja.
  • To achieve enlightenment through mastery of the sword.
  • Look for a way to save his mother’s soul from taint, preventing her from ending up in Jigoku when she dies.
  • Achieve “immortality” through any means necessary.
  • To one day help achieve and see, the Spider rule the Empire


Any woman who defeats him in a First-Strike duel, will catch his interest.


My father Ganka started out as one thing and ended as another. He changed his stars withought sacrificing his true nature. From Crab to Scorpion hostage and finally Spider, fathers life was an odd one. I am not him, so I will change my destiny in a different way.
I have his strength of will, or so my mother says. And his “passion” in battle burns within me during combat, as few will notice in my eyes, before I cut them down.
My mother maho tsukai my father berserker gave me these eyes.
I was born not long before my father was called to his end. There in the Valkas swamps, deep inside the colonies…on an evergreen pasture below a strangely marked tree by my mother, I drew my first breath in my fathers blood-stained hands. But to my father’s surprise, I was not born alone. My brother came out soon after. His name, Shunketsu, named after the common word “hero”.

My father was enraged when Shunketsu was born, for he was believed to be a stillborn child. Born dead…or so my father was lead to believe…For reasons I do not yet know, mother gave my brothers body to the river that ran along the swamp. And the river took his cadaver far away into the colony forests.

To this day I wonder what became of him, if he was truly stillborn as my mother said. This question is raised in my mind, for my mother is a rather bad liar. Or did she tell me the truth within the “lie” on purpose ? This gave me one of my goals in life, to find out if my brother is still alive.

I should recognize him easely as he is my twin. Aside from his Crimson Night-sky blue hair, my mother said that when we were both born; the same eye color and “fire”, like lanterns, lit up the swamp that day, and then my brother’s light extinguished within moments. But I have a feeling, no I know, that he is alive; and that one day we will cross paths.

My mother said, “father was there for all your birthdays, and his spirit will continue to do so, you and him are as one. That is the strength and mercy of Daigotsu”, and I never understood why. Perhaps someday I will.

I studied Shourido under an old sensei in those black swamps. He would come out far from his dojo to teach me all the way out in the darkness we called home.
Home sweet home
Something about “not being able to teach me publicly, because of my bright yellow eyes and who my father and mother are” did not allow him to do so. My mother is a Maho-tsukai,and I will love her no matter what the Empire says.
Arabasta front
Not to long before I came of age to know the truth about how my father died, my master granted me the black blade. Which gave me a cold chill at first when I looked deep into the reflection of my eyes within the sword.
It felt like something or someone else was looking back at me. As if generations of Spider, and someone else, sending me his strength from far beyond, was looking back at me proudly.
Obsidian Blade
I had never known fear and joy at the same time,until the day I received that Obsidian sword.
I yelled out in anger and pride “FOR MY FATHER, MAY HIS STRENGTH GUIDE MY WILL AND HIS HEART GUIDE MY STRENGTH!” From that day on all I knew was training. I dedicated myself to study shourido more obsessively and during the nights I sat down to hear stories about my father from my mother,stories which felt a bit too familiar. Almost as if I had lived them myself. I felt the emotion coarsing through my eyes and arms each time I heard my mother speak of him…

Finally my master so, I had conquered the sword and the mind it takes to whield it. He guided me with pride to his dojo over at the Second City. After another several years of study, the old man sent me to the motherland Rokugan. There i was to learn the final tenets of Shourido and hone my swordsmanship further in the Obsidian Blade dojo. I am to become an Obsidian Warrior someday soon.

I was given a steed by my mother. Both to make my trek easier and to have as a loyal friend. I raised that black mare since she was just a newborn, during my downtime from training. Naming her Arubarna I know she will stand by me no matter what dangers lie ahead.
Deciding I had to train her to become a war horse, I asked my sensei if he could find someone among the clansmen who would help turn her into a fierce ally. And soon after I finished my studies of shourido, Arubarna was ready.

One of the saddest days of my life, was the time I had to finaly depart into the world to fight for my clan and most of all to acomplish all my goals. This day was a tragedy in my mind, for I was forced to leave my dear mare behind in swamp Valkas. I was told that a horse would not survive the travels within the Ivory Kingdom lands, do to the nature of how wild and untamed that land is. That she would surely die in one of my many missions.

And so I left her behind with my mother, with a promise that I would call for her when I finally knew what I was up against in the colonies.
My love for that mare is stronger than honor or empire. See her again some day, I hope…

“Self discovery, to know what you stand for, is something no samurai or divine dragons nor gods can take away from a mans place in the karmic wheel.” Those words I had discovered for myself, but the words I heard next from my master…will be with me every time I swing “The Night”(Agra’s name for his Sacred Obsidian Katana) across an opponents chest.
“True strength and justice, is not another mans, but your own. Decide for yourself what both mean Agra! Strenght for this old fart, is when no one can tell you what to do and can’t take anything from you because of it! BE STRONG AGRA! "

To be the strongest swordsman in the world, so that they can’t take me away from the ones I love, and the ones I love from me! TO DO WHAT MY FATHER COULD NOT ! SURPASS EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD AND NEVER LET IT RULE ME! S… T… R… E…N… G…T …H…!

And so Agra went forth into this brave new world full of countless frontiers, loves, hate, and danger. To find the power within “his own meaning of strength”. Enlightment through hardship and those he deems worthy of friendship.

Unbeknownst to him, reincarnated Ganka now tries to find his way again in the world as Agra! May his journey be full of wonder. May his berserker soul live forever!

Social Attire

“I need no armor to fight you, Lion”.
Agra withought armor

War Ready

Sometimes I like to test my nerve in battle, by going to war with no helm.
Other clansmen say I am ill of the mind, when I test my skill like this, and every moment I reply in the same way;
“Why let anyone strike me at all?”

Daigotsu Fortress

Above my normal armor I usually wear in battle. To walk over the dead, blood, ashes and broken swords. There among the few survivors, that is what will forge this new era. Men who dare to walk, like a “Daigotsu Fortress” will conquer, and live to see the day our dark lord takes his rightful place as emperor.
Aegis armor agra fully geared up.

Daigotsu Agra

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