Master of blood magic, my husband Ganka will never truly die...*grin*


Height: 5 feet tall.
Weight: One never asks a lady…
EyeColor: Bright Yellow Iris
Hair: Crimson Red near black.
Other: Maho-tsukai Tainted,mother of Daigotsu Agra and Tsuruchi Shunketsu, currently resides in the Valkas swamp within the Ivory Kingdom.
Status: Widow to Daigotsu Ganka


Chased away from her home within the Spider Clan after the Destroyer Wars, Arabasta was left alone.
Separated from the last remnants of the Maho-tsukai, she made her way reaching a seemingly lonely swamp in the Ivory Kingdoms called Valkas. The young blood magic user, had small hopes of survival and even less desire to go on in the loneliness she felt.

One fateful day, she awoke to the sound of rapid steps coming near the swamp where she had been trying to die in peace. She refused to even bother moving from the tree roots she rested on, as the thunderous noise ever closer.
Arabasta mother of daigotsu agraSuddenly a dark haired, pale skin, handsome, giant of a man, ran like a squall past her, accidentally dropping a katana.

The man chased down a monstrous tiger that was terrorizing a far away Spider Clan outpost. The beast decided to hide in the nearby shallows of the Valkas swamp. But to his knowledge, nothing “human” lived in that eternal night-covered place. Until that day…the berserker named Ganka had not seen such beauty the likes he so, when he walked back to retrieve his katana…and much more.
She got up, and with blood on her smiling face, returned the katana to the man who would be the love of her life. Eternally bound together by blood and sweat, they kissed under that dark tree in what would be their home.

Years later, Ganka, her beloved, got called into what would be his fated battle. The last fight, that would, little did he know, decide the fate of his soul. And so, leaving his wife and his young son Agra, he braved his fate.
Watching from the shadows, that thunder of days, the man she loved…fell…defending her, and his son, along with all the people in the world from certain doom. I played a “special” song for him during the fight…as I watched him wash away in blood, the chains that bound him, in that moment.
Winged rescue

There…during his last breaths, I flew towards him with my strongest “blood”, and carried him back to our home!
I did my best to preserve his spirit, and allow his burning eyes to live on in his sons that were still within me.
Arabasta recovers gankas body

The skies thundered, sword and fang clashed, and I…will never let him “truly die”.
Ciruelo devil woman


SC: Rakshasa's Madness ganka